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Breakaway Wealth helps inspire, motivate and equip unconventional business owners, investors and wealth builders to break out from the herd and build wealth on our own terms. Through insightful conversations around infinite banking, investing, funding and unconventional deal-making, we'll unlock the secrets to abundance, spot overlooked opportunities and make quantum leaps forward - building wealth faster than most dream possible.

Jun 21, 2019

In this episode, Jim Oliver and Domenic Rinaldi discuss:

  • Market acquisition strategies and owner engagement of potential sellers.
  • The new client interview process and how to identify a buyer's goals and interests.
  • The flexible terms of SBA loans and the average rate of returns for small business transactions.


Key Takeaways:

  • SBA loans offer more flexible terms over conventional loans, including amortization schedule, down payment, and interest rates. 
  • It requires 100-300 targets to complete one to two transactions.
  • Analyzing the target market for potential buyers may result in modifications to search criteria.  


"I want to understand what the other person is trying to accomplish. It can only be done by asking questions, peeling back the onion, and finding out what matters to them." —  Domenic Rinaldi


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